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insurance. obama care is about redistributing costs and in this case it's from younger healthier people on to people who utilize the healthcare system more. >> and would you be satisfied if you could find a comparable program at the comparable price on 00 exchange? would you be content then with obama care? >> that would certainly be a better situation for me, but i'm more insulted by the fact that they're simply taking away my freedom to shop on my own to go directly to insurance carrier. why does there have to be a government middle man between me and the plan i want to choose. >> is there anything to prevent you going to individual insurer. >> in d.c. there is state level laws that basically outlaw the sale or purchase outside of insurance exchange. >> hadley, good luck. do you think you will ever get through on this. >> i don't know. i will explore my options and see what i can do next year. >> the magic date might be december 1st. obama administration says this will all be working as of november 30th. try december 1st. >> thanks. >> good luck. next guest force president obama to st
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at the broken promises and costly surprises of insurance plan cancelations. plus, the obama care computer breakdown continues. and health secretary kathleen sebelius still refuses to come clean about the inside causes and costs of the fiasco. all right. first, tonight, we now know that the obama administration is muzzling insurance companies, telling them to keep quiet about all the canceled policies and increased premiums. also, more democrats are starting to push back against the law. including senator mary landrieu who was working on a bill to allow americans to really keep their own health plans. and congressman darrell issa has subpoenaed secretary sebelius for the information regarding the botched launch she so far declined to hand over voluntarily. all right. all those stories and more. on "the kudlow report" starting right now. this is just unbelievable. all right. now, we've got all this developing news here to analyze the whole story. we bring in bob lashevski. dr. scott gottlieb joins us, american enterprise resident fellow. and ovik roy, senior fellow at the man
insurance. we have fox team coverage. lawmakers decide whether their staff will have to face obama care like the rest of us. jim here in the dc bureau found a way you might delay your entry into the system. ed henry is on the administration that seems to be more trick than treat tonight. good evening head. >> good evening, chris. experts from google, or kal were added to the text surge. they're hoping to turn the page on the website woes. there are other big problems. >> cancellation letters are hitting a tiny slice of the health care market. >> 5%. it's not 80% that get insurance through medicare, medicare or va benefits zblcht after a forbes report, the mid range estimate was at 66% of small employer plans and 45% of large employer plans relinquish grandfather status by the end of 2013. there kwoub disruption and cancellation letters coming for millions of people with employer based plans as well. >> it's not to say they won't have access. it's not what they want. it's what the government forces them to buy. >> spokesman jay carney would not cloiz the door on possibility of cancellation le
cancellation letters, the president said, can buy insurance under obama care, an option they may not have had before. >> no insurance company will ever be able to deny you coverage or drop you as a customer. those days are over. and that's the truth. >> i just finished talking with a senior white house official who said again that the president has complete confidence in health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius that the white house is happy with her performance today at that hearing up on capitol hill wolf, one thing the senior white house official also said contrasting with some of the circus like atmosphere in that hearing today, quote the republicans did us a favor up there today. they feel like in contrast to what happened up no capitol hill, kathleen sebelius came out of that hearing pretty well, wolf. >> jim acosta at the white house. >>> another new defense of the president and the obama care rollout today, this time from the former white house chief of staff now the mayor of chicago rahm emanuel. my colleague jake tapper sat down with the mayor and asked him about the pro
. there have been glitches with obama care. however, more people are getting insured. my state, and governor urlich, i have a very high regard, but there are republican governors -- i was just in hawaii yesterday. governor kasich has accepted the medicaid and talked about needing a safety net. other rep governors have accepted that. i'll bet my friend, had he been governor -- >> not so fast -- >> he would have accepted it. >> the problem is it's three years of free cash, and then it's formulaic. we get along very well, and medicaid, as you know, and speakers have tried to deal with for many years, is driving state budget deficits, and has for the last two decades. governors are increasingly being squeezed in that regard. >> is your solution to let people go without medical assist assistance? >> of course not. >> you're saying if you were governor -- >> i would say -- i can't answer that. i honestly can't answer that, because i'm not -- i don't know the fiscal situation of the state obviously as well as when we were in. but there's lots of things to do. i have to tell you -- >> i'm frustrated
house ought to be involved and enrolled in the obama health care law and not to have to buy insurance on a exchanges. none of them -- they all have exemptions from the health care law. i think they all should be involved. he is right, and it is not just people losing their coverage but they have to go and buy insurance and get hit with sticker shock because they are seeing it turned out to be a lot more expensive. the president promised easier to use an amazon, cheaper than yourself down, and you can keep your doctor. the american people feel deceived. >> and that is important. the way they tried to keep prices down is to have tight networks which means you probably won't get to see your doctor or go to the usual hospital. gerri: at think we are all headed -- headed to the our rain. i want you to hear something from congressman lee terry. when will we get details, no, understand how many people being enrolled? here is what he had to say. >> that should be a pretty reliable number. >> the system is not functioning. we are not getting that reliable data. gerri: the secretary says essent
as not only the obama administration and democratic make app coflect tick but healthcare insurance companies are scared there will be some form of delay on the individual mandate because of the result, will be that tear up their business model, as you know, and tear up profits, we're looking at prospect here, if there is a careful reasoning and careful understanding among everyone about a direction to head toward, that we're talking about a second of the economy that is now vulnerable,e, becaue the web site did not work, and obamacare is built on what is a very, very faulty assumption, and presumption because of mandate, that young people will sign up for health care they don't need. these risks are very high. where are the republicans headed now, and what is the course you all will follow? >> we are going to continue to get to the bottom of this you point odd one major issue, the cyber security issue, as you heard, that you know we're concerned about that you know, therure americans who are managing to get on to web site at this point, at some time, they are vulnerable it cyber security iss
obama's top aides. >> individual insurance company, 5% of the population. not the 80% who get insurance through employers, but medicare or medicaid or va . >> reporter: there are new questions about the voracity of that claim after a report that in june 2010 official predicted that quote mid range estimate is 66% of small employer plans and 45% of large employer plans will relinquish their grand father status by the end of 2013, meaning there could be disruption and cancel letters coming for millions of people in employer base coverage as well. >> it is what the government forces them to buy. >> reporter: spokesman jay carney would not close the door on possibility of cancellation notices coming. but he said that is up to employers who are seeing the rate of health care cost increases come down. >> it is less than 1/3 of increase a decade ago. so problem salved? no problem improved, yes. >> reporter: national federation of independent business revealed a new survey of 921 small business owners who say opposite. 64% of those small businesses say, they are paying more for insur
. because many said this is a miss leading statement. basically it the insurance companies doing this, not obama care which doesn't stack up with reality but where is what the president had to say. >> if you had one of these substandard plans before the affordable care act became law and you really like that plan, you're able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel these substandard plans we said under the law is you got to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage because that, too, was a central premise of the affordable care act from the beginning the senior white house official that i talked to, anderson, acknowledged that they have a tough cleanup job in the if you like your plan you can keep it but people losing coverage because of requirements in obama care, they can go into new obama care approved plans that does make up for some of it although some people will be put through big ris dupdisruptions. >> for some it will cost more. >>>
and we no longer have it. and obama said in many speeches if you previously had insurance you you can keep it and that hasn't happened. >> if you had a better plan than now and it was less expensive would you try to get that plan or not. let's say if your insurance had not been cancelled. >> if our insurance had not canceled we probably would have stayed with the same insurance. now we arenin we are being forck for other insurance. >> there is a lot of conversation about young people getting involved in this program and the importance of young people doing that. >> given what you have seen is there any chance you would sign up. >> if the website starts to wowrworki will look into it. >> the real opportunity until you get to see what you are going to pay and what it's going to cover it's difficult to do that. mitchell it's good to see you. >> thank you for joining us we appreciate it. thank you for having me, john. >> in washington the blame seems to be shifting from shutting down and enabling republicans to healthcare fumbling white house. in a new wall street journal nbc poll. presid
't become unaffordable. >> president obama took responsibility for the problems with the federal insurance exchange web site. >> let's face it. we've had a problem. the website hasn't worked the way it is supposed to. over the last -- couple of weeks. and as a consequence, a lot of people haven't had a chance to seep just how good the prices for quality health insurance through the marketplaces really are. ultimately this website. health will be the easiest way to shop for and buy the new plan. you can see all the plans next to each other. compare prices and see -- what kind of coverage it provides. but -- look. there is no denying it. right now the website is too slow. too many people have gotten stuck. and i am not happy about it. and neither are a lot of americans who need health care. and they're trying to figure out how they can -- sign up as quickly as possible. so there is no excuse for it. i take full responsibility for making sure it gets fixed asap. we are working overteam to ime improve it every day. every day. >> and the president responded to the controversy about peo
talking points that it's the insurance company who is are doing this and not obama care. that doesn't stack up with reality. here's what the president had to say. >> if you had a substandard plans before the affordable care act became law and you liked that plan, you are able to keep it. that's what i said when i was running for office. that was part of the promise we made. but ever since the law was passed, if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel the substandard plans, we said under the law you have to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage. that too was a premises of the affordable care act from the very beginning. >> and the senior white house official i talked to basically acknowledged they have a tough clean up in cleaning up the original promise that if you like your plan, you can keep it. by saying people who are losing their coverage because of new requirements and they can go into new obama care plans that does make up for some of it though a lot of people will be put through big disruptions. >> for some is may cost more. the president spoke before a friendly a
, controversy of the day in washington is president obama said, you could keep your health insurance approximately sees. turns out i can't keep mine. well, you know, he didn't say -- i can prevent your insurance scum pan from -- company from taking it away from you. here is christie with variations on his campaign language and what he actually did. >> absolutely. what see with chris christie is magical republican thinking, his budgets and how rhetoric matches up with reality. barbara buono was reporting out in republican world, a tax increase counts as a tax increase if it is on the wealthy. lowering earned income tax credit. a tax on the working poor she points out. that doesn't count. raising fees. that apparently doesn't count. the other piece of magical thinking, remind me of paul ryan. he projects that lowering taxes on businesses and on, millionaires is going to somehow magically increase revenue. he has a lot of rosie predictions about the state's growth that when it doesn't come to pass his revenue projections fall far short of what was originally anticipated. he has to grab
of yahoo! and google. a new blow to barack obama's signature health-care reform after the troubled rollout of the website, announcing some americans already insured could lose the policies they have. and french football players threatened to go on strike over plans for a new super tax on the richest people in france. let's aw at this hour, star with the latest leak from former nsa contractor edward snowden. says theington post" national security agency has been hacking be data links that connect google and yahoo! around the world. laways the agency skirt the by collecting data from millions of local web users via underwater fiber-optic cables. kate moody explains. >> world leaders, foreign citizens, and internet giants, the latest victims of the national security agency's surveillance programs according to intelligence linked by edward snowden. the nsa has admitted to the program to access internet user accounts but described new reports that infiltrated yahoo! and google databases as factually incorrect. breakings not an essay into any databases. it would be illegal for us to do that. --
cancelled. thanks to obama care. the whole point was to see if people to didn't have insurance -- >> the exact opposite is happening. the insured are becoming uninsured. >> and the taxpayers are subsidizing them and they were happily paying for themselves before. in some cases. thank you. >>> we have breaking news from the wall street journal. an eye opening poll on the president released moments ago. we'll have it for you after the break. and the vet raps affairs department under fire for months because they didn't have time to help thousands of struggling vets. today they were questioned on what they have been doing. wait until you hear one executive's response. >> with all due respect, mr. chairman, on the advice of my counsel i decline to answer based on my 5th amendment constitutional privilege. and just give them the basics, you know. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our pol
, this is interesting because he said his company dropped his health insurance after obama care was passed. premiums went up 40%, and he has sleep apnia and can't get on to on the carolina site, but you should try to call somebody because somebody like you is who this law was intended to help. >> if you have sleep apnia, you're up all night. call at 4:00 in the morning. >> one more thing. up next. ♪ knee deep in the water somewhere ♪ >>> all right, time for one more thing. can you go to i put up an article. why failure matters and matters big time. very, very important. bob, you're up. >> okay, missouri. i talked about this three weeks ago, four weeks ago. andrea brought it to my attention. reginald griffin was convicted of murdering another inmate. he was convicted by prosecutors and sent to death row. and he didn't do it. actually, somebody else admitted to doing it. so the missouri supreme court overturned his conviction, yet the randolph kelly prosecutors kept him on death row for ten years. he's going to walk away a free man, which is another rea
also complained insurance companies are canceling the policies of millions because the plans don't meet the standards of the affordable care act. president obama addressed that in his speech in boston. >> if the insurers decided to downgrade or cannes cancel the plans, under the law they have to replace it with affordable coverage. >> now, secretary sebelius said she did not know contractors wanted a delay in that october 1st launch, but earlier here on capitol hill, contractors testified that they informed cms, the so-called quarterback of the website that is under the department of health and human services, that the website was not ready. anne-marie? >> susan mcginnis in washington. thank you, susan. >>> on the "cbs moneywatch" now, extending the stimulus and big profits for facebook. wendy gillette is in the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, anne-marie. the fed acknowledged they will buy $85 billion a month in bonds to keep interest rates low and encourage borrowing and spending. some experts expect they'll slow the program by early next year. wall street react
into the obama care exchanges, they are going to have to lose their current insurance. he had to have understood that's the only way it's sustainable. i have to say i think it was a lie. >> and ebony, you say? >> i say i'm less concerned with things we don't have enough evidence to prove. i was surprised, bill, in this speech we just saw from the president that he did not address it more head on. i think that now is the proper time for president barack obama to come clean with the american people and say, you know what? i use language that did not fully disclose what i meant. what i meant to say was if you like your policy, and it meets the new higher healthcare standards i am implementing you can keep it he did not say that. >> that's a very very good point you are making. >> but eboni, if he had said that, because he said it so many times, that opens the door for every reporter to say, why on earth, why on earth did you repeat something over and over and over again that you knew wasn't true? see, by avoiding it, he is trying to get around it like he got around benghazi, like he got around the
know he did nothing to correct it we also know that mr. obama said this. >> actually, any insurance that you currently have would be grandfathered in so you could keep. and so you could decide could not get exchange the better plan. >> as it turns out, millions of americans will not be allowed to keep their health insurance plan was the president misinformed the "the washington post" wrote his assertions were completely not true. both papers did not use the word lie. porpoise to news agencies. lodging accusations. did the president mislead the country absolutely no, question about it, did he know he was misleading it? maybe. most likely. did he lie? i have possible but the secretary of defense not conclusive. here is the example of a provable lie just so you know. last night bill maher progressive zealot accused me of promoting the republican party, implying that i used talking points from the g.o.p. that's a lie. i have never received republican talking points in my life. anyone who watches this program knows but moore doesn't care. he has nothing to lose by spouting dishonest jibb
.gov and americans losing their cheaper insurance plans despite president obama's thomas' approval ratings have hit an all-time low. 42% approve of his work. 51% disapprove and this is the first time in this paul more americans disapprove than approve. 22% said they had a positive view of the g.o.p., only 37% favor democrats. the democrats continue to defend obamacare and says he was not lying when he promised americans could keep their insurance if they liked it. president obama: anybody peddling the notion insurance is canceling the plan without mentioning all the insurers are encouraging people to join better plans with the same carrier and stronger benefits and stronger protections while others get better plans of new carriers through the marketplace, and that many will get new help to pay for the better plan and make them cheaper. if you leave that stuff out, you're being grossly misleading to say the least. rich: through analysis, the administration has knowledge to the health care law would lead the cancellation of these bare-bones cheaper plans despite the presidential promise. while some d
are promising they will fix problems with the federal and state insurance websites. >> the white house says president obama has complete confidence in the secretary. >>> swift action. nearly a dozen students disciplined, accused of cyber bullying. there have been growing calls for schools to crack down after a series of teen suicides across the country, including here in maryland. >> reporter: officials say school administrators were made aware of the cyber bullying incident on monday and by tuesday they'd taken action. 11 annapolis high school students not in class today. the group is accused of cyber bullying. officials say it started when one student photographed another without their knowledge, then texted the photo to other students with a di spatialing comment. it was eventually posted to social media. >> we face it very seriously. >> reporter: students say it still happens. >> i used to go to school with a lot of people who did that every day. >> it's a lot easier because you don't have to say it to someone's facement. >> reporter: a new law went into effect here in maryland that mak
is denying me of my liberty to have crappy health insurance. thanks, obama care. but toure, who are you? >> death panel. thanks, obama care. >> this halloween is proving spooky and frightful for washington. the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll is the little shop of horrors for politicians on both sides of the spectrum. no one comes out unscathed. president obama's approval rating has sunk to an all-time low, just 42%. for the first time ever, more americans view him negatively than positively. the gop's positive rating has also dropped to its all-time low, 22%. their negative rating is tied
from when president obama promised, if you like your insurance you can keep it. he now says the vast majority of americans can keep their insurance, if it works. diana and john? >> abc's tahman bradley, live for us in washington this morning. thank you. >>> new developments in the other controversy hitting the white house, the nsa spy scandal. the nsa is denying an italian news agency reporting that it spied on cardinals at the vatican as they gathered to select the pope. earlier, catholic leaders had said they were not worried about the news reports. >>> and the head of the agency says it's not true that the nsa tapped into the data centers of google and yahoo! general keith alexander said the nsa does not have access to google or yahoo! servers. >>> we're following breaking news from austin, texas, where it's been a dark and dangerous night. >> heavy rains triggering power outages, road closures and at least 11 emergency water rescues. crews struggled to reach one woman who had gone into labor. at least six inches of rain has fallen overnight in some areas. today, that fierce storm
continues. winston churchill is honored and capitol hill. -- on capitol hill. obama has been defending one of his flagship policies, obamacare, supposed to extend health insurance to 15 million americans who didn't previously have it. it has been billed as the biggest shakeup the country has seen in 50 years. but it has been plagued with problems. boston., >> a warm welcome for president obama and what felt like a campaign stop, the commander-in- chief took on the role of provider in chief, selling the success of obamacare. >> today the affordable care act requires insurance companies to abide by some of the strongest consumer protections this country is ever known. a true patients bill of rights. [applause] hill, itck on capitol was the president's health secretary kathleen sebelius in the spotlight. she was forced to address americans frustrations with the website failures. >> you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> but even as she spoke, those who try to log onto got a now familiar error message. republicans have used the pro
people have signed up for new insurance, and president obama's promise that you can keep your plan, not true for potentially millions of americans. so we know all of that is wrong. now people are wondering how to fix it, how to fix things. with us now is shaun spicer, communications director. good morning, sean. >> good morning, carol. great to be with you. >> nice to have you here. we appreciate it. taxpayers have spent more than $170 million on this website. if we don't get it together and fix this thing, won't we just end up spending more money? >> well, i think the answer is yes. i think we've got a bigger problem of accountability and we saw that on full display yesterday when the secretary testified. when she clearly didn't know her own program and said it would have been illegal for her to sign up for it, which is patently not true, according to so you've got to wonder if they don't understand the nature of their own prarjs not only how are they going to implement a website but how are they going to implement a health care system. secondly she was dismissive
of that makes a difference. yesterday obama was on tv talking, we stop insurance companies from discriminating against women. well, women go to the doctor much more often. maybe they're smart or maybe they're hypochondriacs, we don't know. stuart: and i have to watch your show tonight to see if you're taking that left ward lurch. and you're pounding the table on the side effects of obamacare. we've got that and the lack of competition. i'm going to run a short clip of what you're talking about. >> central planning. stuart: central planning, roll it. >> here is the president signing obamacare. politicians and activists were so happy. now, everyone will be covered. trouble is, covering everyone means less competition. we need that competition in health care because when you don't have real competition, you get products like, well, remember these? these are the car made by east germans made of plastic. it was a terrible car. you had to put the oil and gas in separately and shake the car to mix them. it's hard to drive, it spews pollution. yet, it was the pride of east germany. the waiting list to
to try to get insured at the same time and can't get on the website. this is unmitigated disaster for the obama administration. i think as soon as the website comes up, everyone should be mandated. the sooner they realize this thing is going to fail from a policy standpoint not website standpoint, better for republicans going forward. get new people in the house and senate, push it that way. >> i thought it was curious they would write in the speech everybody should shop around. at the same time people report they can't get on the website to do that. deductible increases are surprising people and not only out of pocket costs, the prescription deductible is now giving people sticker shock as well. it is interesting that the white house press core has been pressing the white house for a while. i'm curious how long that's going to last. it's possible they could get bored with this and try to move on to something else by monday. >> gutfeld, this is a halloween stinker. no good coming out of this. >>> i looked up sticker shock in obama care law, and you know it's considered a post deci
notice. this communist is denying me of my liberty to have crappy health insurance. thanks, obama care. but toure, who are you? >> death panel. thanks, obama care. >> this halloween is proving spooky and frightful for washington. the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll is the little shop of horrors for politicians on both sides of the spectrum. no one comes out unscathed. president obama's approval rating has sunk to an all-time low, just 42%. for the first time ever, more americans view him negatively than positively. the gop's positive rating has also dropped to its all-time low, 22%. their negative rating is tied for the highest ever. as for the larger american public, this halloween's trick or treat hall has more apples and boxes on razors than the full-size candy bars everyone loves. 70% say the nation is on the wrong track. half are convinced there's going to be another shutdown on january 15th. we start with the man who's not scared of the ghosts and goblins. nbc news senior political editor mark murray. mark, really fascinating poll. nearly half of the country does not
insurance. they didn't yet know that obama had told the biggest and the most consequential lie of any president in recent years he doesn't care about the details of it not working the only thing he cares about is it's not derailed or defunded he doesn't care what kathleen sebelius is doing. he doesn't care. >> his numbers are down to lowest ever 42%. according to the nbc "wall street journal" poll. is the obama administration losing credibility? former senior advisor president reagan pat buchanan joining us. nice to see you, pat. >> good to see you, greta. >> flippant or does he care? >> he is arrogant. the president of the united states unbelievably. he deliberately mislead, deceived the american people about whether or not they could keep their healthcare and this is suddenly discovered and blown up and said don't worry about it, these are bad apple insurerrers. you can do away with those policies. we can get you new ones. the more serious thing here is, really, this is a manifest act of incompetence on the part of the administration. but more seriously it goes to his credibility, w
. >> republicans complained insurance companies are canceling the policies of millions because the plans don't meet the standard of the affordable care act. president obama addressed that concern during a speech in boston. >> if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel plans what we said under the law is you've got to replace them with quality coverage. >> the obama administration insists the website will be fully functioning by december. in washington, susan mcginnis, wjz eyewitness news. >> the chairman said he plans to ask secretary sebelius back in early december to testify about the progress that's been made with >>> new details are emerging in the sky spying scandal. they say the tsa nsa listened on the vaticans phone calls. the vatican released a statement saying it's not concerned. several european allies have expressed out rage after reports that the nsa has been spying on leaders for years and years. >>> lawmakers are saying many of the security personnel stations inside the nation's federal buildings outside of washington dc needs crucial training. wjz and mike schuh with
their insurers who say because of obama care, they are no longer going to be in the individual market, or at least with that plan in the individual market, and the result is this person from cove, oregon, i was paying $600 a month for a $3,000 deductible, now it's $800 a month for a $5,000 deductible. i've got others here i'll put in the record. a woman whose job she had 40 hours, now down to 29, neither has health insurance, nor enough income to live on her own because of the way this law is getting implemented. i realize my time's expired. >> gentle lady from colorado. >> thank you very much, mr. chairman, and thank you, secretary, for being with us today. i want to follow up on a couple of those questions that mr. walden was asking you about cgi. as you know, chairman issa last night released this document, monthly project status report from cgi last night, and it looks to me as sort of a technical document that has a punch list of outstanding open issues. and some of them do highlight items that upon first read seem to be alarming. for example, one of the entries said, due to the
's why. >> i'm kathleen sebelius, secretary of health under president obama. >> most know her as the health and human services secretary at the center of the obama care storm. but sebelius is no stranger to controversy and heated political battles. as the top insurance regulator for kansas in 2002 she blocked the merger of two major health insurance providers over the objections of those who argued that it would have allowed them to be more competitive. she ran for governor of kansas with health care as a major campaign platform. >> as insurance commissioner she stood up to hmos. >> she sure did. >> and refused campaign money from insurance companies. >> absolutely. >> as governor i will continue b fighting for affordable health care. >> as a democratic governor in a conservative red state she often battled with republican kansas lawmakers. sebelius blocked plans to expand power plants and four times vetoed bills that were passed to allow them to be built. by far the biggest controversy surrounding sebelius involves abortion. a prominent donor to her campaign for governor was
payer? >> the insurance companieses are the ones. >> we did an investigation and showed obama over the years has said he wants to start here like canada and will transition into single payer. >> if he had his wish he would be with bob on backing a single payer. even democrats in congress, sean, at the time they passed obama care enough of them could not put single payer into the legislation. even democrats couldn't unanimously get behind single payer. by the way, single payer is the dumbest idea i have ever heard. you think, bob, you could shove the insurance companies out of here and put people in charge of that disastrous website in charge of health? look at europe. england has single payer. it's great if you are healthy, terrible if you're sick. tons of people in long license, rationing body. the national institutes of health -- >> recent court ruling. really shoddy care. it's a nightmare. >> amazing how you look back on preobama care as the golden days. since 1950 the insurance industry raised premiums every year. >> not like this. >> it's said you could be grandfathered in if
obama addressed that concern during a speech in boston. >> if insurers decided to downgrade or cancel the substandard plans we said under the law you have to replace them with quality comprehensive coverage. >> reporter: the obama administration insists the website will be fully functioning by december. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> the widespread computer problems aren't the only issues plaguing the rollout of the affordable care act. >> there are now reports that many americans will now pay more for insurance under the new system. here to explain why this is happening is cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> so, jill, how many uninsured people are expected to pay more under this new system? >> reporter: the government said it's going to cost about 328 bucks per month per person, right? well, that's a little bit different depending on what group you fall in. so here we had three specific groups of uninsured americans. according to the kaiser family foundation 38% of uninsured americans fall below the poverty line so that me
as they followed obama care regulations and standards. so it all depends on what now the definition of insurance is, simon? >> well, just to be clear, right, this is only going to affect -- i shouldn't say -- this is going to affect several million people. most americans, hundreds of millions of americans, their insurance isn't going to change. it doesn't affect them at all. we've got to be careful not to overstate what's going on here. this was a mistake. the administration made a mistake. they should have been more clear that there were a pool of americans that were going to be adversely affected by what would have happened. i think they blew it on this one and i think they should admit it. >> but simon -- >> yeah, yeah. >> simon, there are tens of millions of americans who are going to be affected. >> no. >> let's not talk only about the people who are going to lose coverage. let's talk about the people whose employers are now dropping. let's talk about the people who are full-time people who are now going to be part-time people -- >> brad, that's all exaggerated right-wing talking points. that'
insurance policies are being cancelled under obama care. in the past couple of months, blue shield of california 119,000 and kaiser permanente and hundred and 60,000. they applied to individual policies purchases the affordable care act was signed in 2010. consumer advocates say in some cases these were junk policies that did it cost much but didn't cover much either. under the new law, all plans will have to include at least in basic services such prescription drugs, mental health services and maternity care. we will be right back. and coming up our tech report with gate slate. and for the kron4 tech report with kate slate. >>: the morning. twitter just added a new feature that has a lot of users of sat to treat this woman just got in big trouble for wearing of google glass and amazon has alleged a great new program that makes it easy to give to charity. here's a look. twitter just added eight model preview. pictures and videos that people you follow will show up in your twitter feet as a visual preview. before you would have to click on the media like to see the picture are video
, the worst predictions about healthcare reform in massachusetts never came true. >> the obama administration has come under fire in recent days after hundreds of thousands of americans received cancelation notices from insurance companies because their individual health plans don't meet minimum standards set by the law. >> people like choices, and as i said, some people want to have chardonnay out of a piece of crystal stem wear and some people want a beer out of a red solo cup. >> they apologized for the botched web site. >> i'm as frustrated and angry as anyone with the flawed launch of now security issues are a concern, which could be worse than the technical issues americans have had on the site. >> we found out an end to end test hadn't been had on security, not functionality. >> mitt romney obtained the plan should not be used as a model for the country and this is crafted with bipartisan state. >> fox news. >>> the new head of the university of california system, janet napolitano. not everyone was happy about her visit. members of an emigrants right group are upset wit
: the white house said no effort of employers cutting jobs or reducing hours because of obama care's requirement. the companies with more than 50 full- time employees provide health insurance. >> i want to bring in stephen moore fox news contributor. >> you know that it is no proof part- time america going that way because of obama care. >> i was thinking about that when wend all spoke about. that maybe the president needs to get out and talk to small businessmen and women in the country who are tellingous fox news and we get people at the wall street jaurnal that are laying off workers and stop hiring new workers and cutting back on hours. we see all of this all of the time. you talk about cash for clunkers i thought it was the obama care, it is really become a disaster. i couldn't resist. >> i got ya. and to the bigger point, you watch all over america. medium size or big or small. >> sure. >> you say they are in a holding pater and suggest they are in limbbo when it comes to hiring. what are they worried about? >> what is the next shoe to drop and doing next. and that is number
for obama care. >> that's sort of true. >> she cited because of the federal insurance that she already had. >> you mentioned earlier her response to john stewart about how complex the process was and she couldn't explain it. he sort of took her to task. >> he certainly did. i think she did a terrible job. i thought john stewart gave her every opportunity to dig herself out. and she just dug herself in. >> finger pointing, though you mentioned. they think is the republican problem here, right? democrats, the white house has a problem. this web site screwed up. the president kept saying you could keep it and there was a small group of people -- well, relatively small, 5% but still like millions of people. >> 15 million. >> whatever it is. who can't necessarily keep their insurance as it exists today. >> you understand that? >> i get it. >> insurance companies are not offering that plan. >> i get it. but it is a problem he was saying something absolute would appear at the end. republicans could not take -- instead of taking it and saying, she's fallen on the sword. this is their problem. just
been stronger. gerri: president obama's promise this morning would be able to keep their health insurance was doomed from the start, it turns out that everyone knew, that but the president himself, as obamacare turned out to be a trick or a try the, 96% said a trick, 4% a treat. log on to for our on-line question every weekday. >> e-mails to read, charlotte, obamacare is going to hurt a lot of people. i'm afraid they will take more from medicare out of my retirement check. and i will not be able to live on the remainder. >> mike from kansas, i enjoy your show keep up the good work. >> yours is the only show that is continuing to seek answers regarding obamacare, every day you find more reasons why the law is a disaster, keep up the pressure. we're on it. we love hearing from you, go to gerri the hand bringing over obama -- handwringing over obamacare it continues, administration taking 12e7s at the margin to get our approval, today, for example, an announcement you can carry over $ 500 in your flexible spending acount for health care to th
country. he added, had president obama learned the lessons of massachusetts health care, millions of americans would not lose the insurance that they were prom i god that the i promd keep. millions more would not see premium sk skyrocket and the ing installation of the program would not be an em baze prayer . it has been a rough month for the president. you can now add bad approval rate togs that list. according to the new wall street journal nbc poll the president's joba previous has dropped to 42%, that is an all-time low. the poll found 51% of those surveyed say th*eu they disapprove of the president's performance in office. and only 22% think the u.s. is headed in the right direction. overall, democrats were viewed more favorably than republicans. the majority of those polled claim no a regions to either party. >>> congress and republicans didn't fair much better than the president. the survey shows that 63% of voters say they would replace their own members of congress and only 22% say they approve of the republican party. that's an all-time low for the gop. now to the contro
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